Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2017

Many of us like to use bikes for personal transportation. Whether it is to get to and from work, for sport, or recreationally; there is no doubt that bicycle, motorbike and motorized scooter use benefits much of the population.

With the advent of smartphones, the importance of instant messaging and the usefulness of GPS navigation - having constant and reliable access to our cell phones has become an everyday necessity. Combining these two element however can add up to disaster.

Carrying your phone in your pocket or backpack while on a ride can be a hassle if you need to access it while on the move. Either pull over and lose your momentum - wasting precious time or, heaven forbid, try and access your phone while on the go and risk causing an accident.

As the GearGizmo team includes many avid cyclists and motorcyclists we thought it would be a good idea to determine the best bike phone mount currently on the market. Below is a summary of how we rated each mount we tested or if you prefer you can just jump straight to see details of the Best Bike Phone Mount of 2017.

Phone mounts have become commonplace in road bound vehicles over the last decade, with suction cup, clip-on and magnetic devices all becoming popular in their own right. The market for bicycle, motorcycle and scooter mounts however is lagging, with no outstanding solution having appeared on sale, until very recently.

The requirements for bicycles and motorcycle are different to cars in that weight and bulk are concerns. On bikes not only is it important that any mounts are lightweight as to not increase fuel consumption and reduce the efficiency of the vehicle, but bulk is a factor so the vehicles remain aerodynamic while also taking up a minimal amount of the available space.

The potential theft of mounts is also a problem in some areas. For this reason it is important to take into consideration several other factors including security of the mount and its cost should it need replacing. Nobody wants to spend more money than they need to regardless so cost or value for money should always be a factor.

In researching the various bicycle and motorcycle mounts on the market in 2017, we came up with a shortlist of requirements to base our reviews on. The characteristics we looked at were:

Ease of Installation

We researched and tested a multitude of different mounts for bicycles and motorbikes and after much deliberation have come up with a clear winner in almost all categories.

The Best Bicycle and Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount of 2017

The GearGizmo Cell Phone Mount was a clear winner across a number of categories and came very close to a few very easy to use bicycle mounts with its ease of use.

Ease of Use

Some suction cup mounts (motorcycles) and clip on mounts (bicycles and motorcycles) were equally as quick and easy to install, however these mounts lost out in the weight, size and price categories.


This mount is extremely lightweight, coming in at a hard to beat XXXX. Due to this factor it was a clear winner in the weight division. Other tested mounts were bigger and thus heavier, with their bulk adding no additional benefit.


The additional bulk also saw all other mounts falling behind the GearGizmo Bike Phone Mount in the size category. With weight and size being closely correlated this was no surprise.


For security there were two different types of mounts that scored highly. Some mounts could be locked on or screw mounted to make removal difficult, while other mounts offered easy removal so they could be stored after use and not left on the bicycle, motorcycle or scooter for thieves to prey upon.

Some of the lockable mounts we tested were quite secure, although with enough time could still be removed and stolen. For this reason we awarded the easiest to remove mount the top position in the security category.


Generally price correlates with either quality or simplicity. In the case of the GearGizmo Bike Mount the clever, simple design means there are minimal parts which ads up to a lower priced end product.

Some of our higher end mounts (usually the more complex and bulkier ones) cost upwards of US$100 and these were not capable of anything more than this simple mount that is available for a limited time on sale at only a fraction of the price.


The Best Bicycle Phone Mount of 2017 is so versatile we also awarded it the Best Motorcycle Phone Mount of 2017. This is great news if you like to cycle but also like to mix it up on a motorbike or motorized scooter on occasion.

Being so lightweight and with its simple snap on, snap off design which makes installation or removal a breeze in mere seconds, the GearGizmo Bike Phone Mount will be hard to beat not just in 2017 but years into the future.

The only thing missing from this bicycle/motorbike mount is waterproof functionality. Being waterproof would be a great characteristic for a bike, because we’ve all been stuck out riding in the rain at some stage. While this mount is fully waterproof it does in no way shelter the phone from the elements.

With the ever-improving capabilities of smartphones however, it probably won’t be long until all phones are made waterproof as a standard. Until that happens however the only type of mount we can imagine knocking the crown off this year's winner is one that adds some sort of weatherproof capability into the mix.