Awesome Engraving Pen

Awesome Engraving Pen

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You won't believe how useful your own engraving pen will be! Engrave on plastic, wood, glass or metal with this great and useful tool from GearGizmo. Write your name on tools, label your keys, put categories on plastic storage containers, the list of things you can do it almost limitless. 

For less than the cost of getting a single item engraved professionally, you can own your own handy, portable and versatile engraver. You'll find so many uses for this great carving tool, just like we have. Don't take our word for it, order your own today for a fraction of the cost of other engravers, and find out for yourself just have handy it can be.

Requires 2AA batteries to operate (not included).

What is an Engraver and Why do I Need One?

An engraver is a tool used to etch markings into wood, plastic, metal or any other markable surface. Any nameplate on a trophy you have come across during your lifetime would have been engraved upon, however the numerous uses for these devices goes well beyond that.

For security reasons Police recommend that valuable home peripherals be engraved upon. If stolen and recovered this makes the identification of the rightful owners of property much easier. Engraved markings on TVs, cameras, cell phones, watches and jewellery cannot easily be removed and also make it harder for thieves to on-sell the goods.

Speaking of jewellery, you’ll almost certainly have come across pendants, bracelets and even rings that have had names, or romantic words engraved upon them. This was historically done by a professional due to the prohibitively high price of engraving pens, but now with personal use engravers anyone can do it.

That Sounds Great, but a Tool So Useful Must be Expensive!

Traditionally engraving pens were quite expensive, but with new technology these tools have been made smaller and more lightweight, with the same capabilities as the previous generation of bulky engravers.

Today you can engrave your own beautiful words on jewellery gifts and secure your valuables for only a fraction of what it would cost to have it done professionally.

What else can I do with my New Engraving Pen?

The potential use is almost unlimited. Mark keys so you can easily identify which key opens which lock, sketch names on plastic items to easily identify the owners, and label containers you use for storage so you can easily recognize what goes where.

For the handymen and women of the world – owning and engraver is a great way to mark your property too! We all have friends who borrow our tools but “forget” to return them. Having your name etched into your precious spanners and ratchets will ensure they don’t get lost or misplaced ever again.

Never wonder if you’re the rightful owner of anything ever again. Mark your name on all your property, be it made of wood, plastic or metal and ensure you and everybody else knows who it belongs to at all times. From umbrellas to belts, watches to crockery; you’ll never have to wonder ever again after you label everything with your great new Engraving Pen.

How Do I Use It?

Simply insert two AA batteries into the pen and screw it shut. Click the button on the pen to turn the tool on or off, and etch away! Whatever you want can be written on almost anything you want. As you wear down the replaceable metal tips you can switch them with new ones to ensure your engraved writing remains precise and easy to read.

Where can I get my own Personal Engraving Pen?

Simply click on the Add to Cart link above and continue through to our Checkout. For the small cost of less than a single visit to have something professionally engraved, you too can now etch whatever you like on almost anything you can imagine.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity and purchase the GearGizmo Personal Engraving Pen today. Awarded the Best New Engraving Tool of 2017 by Engraving Monthly Magazine!

Get yours now while stocks last. Product only available until sold out.