MAGLace™ Magnetic Shoelace Clips

MAGLace™ Magnetic Shoelace Clips

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Try NEW MAGLace™ Magnetic Shoelace Clips only from GearGizmo. No more doing up your shoelaces (again), ever!

Sick of trying up Shoelaces? Problem Solved! Add a set of MAGLace™ clips to your shoes and you'll never need to do them up ever again. ONE SIZE FITS ALL!

Great if you have KIDS and are constantly doing up laces or trying to undo the double knots you did up to keep the laces done up in the first place!

Great for ADULTS too who have better things to do than worry about doing their laces every time they need to put on or take off their shoes!

The strong neo-dynium magnets mean your shoes will stay locked tight when you need them, even when RUNNING or PLAYING SPORTS, and you can easily pop your foot out whenever you need by exerting upward pressure on the clip, while holding the rear of the shoe doen with your other foot.

Is this Magic? No! It's MAGLace™. Get your now and remove one more hassle from your everyday life. You'll be so glad you did.

Other Color variations are currently sold out and will be coming back soon! These include blue, red, yellow, green and pink. Feel free to email us and let us know if you want to pre-order or to find out which date your favourite color will be back in stock.