Magnetic Anti-Snore Breathing Clip - Sleep Deeply Once Again!

Magnetic Anti-Snore Breathing Clip - Sleep Deeply Once Again!

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Advanced Magnetic Technology - Stop Snoring Forever. Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back!

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Are you tired of sleepless nights? This simple new technology will change all that. By subtly clipping onto the nose our clip will keep the nasal passageways open to allow for better breathing and a better night's sleep!

Snoring occurs when airways get blocked as the throat muscles relax. By keeping your nostrils open you can avoid breathing through your mouth. This puts a stop to snoring!

With our magnetic breathing technology your nostrils will remain clear to allow free-flowing air in and out of your lungs. This means no more snoring and a better, deeper night's sleep for you and anyone who is sleeping nearby! The nose clip is comfortable to wear and keeps the nasal passage airways open to stop the vibrations that cause snoring. Try it and see for yourself. Also makes a great gift for those who snore loudly but are oblivious to the effect it has on other people!


  • Magnetic Technology
  • Protective Case
  • High Quality Silicon
  • Fits any sized nostril
  • Safe, non-toxic and reusable
  • Holds nostrils open to allow easier breathing
  • Allows for deeper, uninterrupted sleep
  • Reduces snoring

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